How To Keep A Party Fun

Everyday there are posters for parties being promoted on social media, with some random DJ in a warehouse paired with a guest list full of unknown names; then there’s house parties, with hosts that are daring enough to plan an event in their own home with hopes of it not getting shut down by the police. No matter the type of party you may be attending, each carries its own energy, and is bound to go downhill if something is off balance. Here are a few ways to be the best host and to keep the party going.


House parties can be open invite, but it’s always a great idea to try to appeal to a certain crowd. Being a host is like serving your guests to other guests. By having numerous groups of people on the guest list, it gets everyone stimulated to introduce themselves and to expand their social group, whether it be different ages or schools. Although you do want your party to have a fair mix of people, stray away from having endless amounts of crowds, as everyone might end up sticking to who they are familiar with anyway.


Having the perfect playlist is key to a perfect party. Trying to create a playlist yourself may be time consuming, but in the “Turn the Up the Volume” article, there’s already a few great playlists made! Music plays one of the most important roles at a party as it moves people away from couches and onto the dance floor. If the music doesn’t match the energy of everyone in the room, people will become disinterested and leave. With the right musical queue, you can keep a party going for as long as you want! Mainstream songs that your crowd may be familiar with is what will appeal with them best, and their energy will add to the atmosphere of the party scene.


Although it’s important to have multiple activities to treat your guests to, you don’t want to have too much, or too little, going on. Keeping the scene simple is key. Having things such as food, drinks, or even a pool, are guaranteed to appeal to your guests, and all with minimal effort. If a party contains no additional favors, your guests may think there’s nothing special attracting them to the scene, therefore occuring in them searching for the next best place to run off too. Having few activities for your guests to engage in is important, as having a variety of things to do can keep people interested and busy. Leave everything open and easy to access, and for everyone to absorb in what’s in front of them.

Throwing a party takes a ton of planning, because you also have to keep in mind the guests and what’s their best interest, as well as your own. It is important to not be so worried about everyone else and to let loose and enjoy yourself. The best parties result from the crowd engaging with one another and coming together to have a good time. Let the party take its own course, relax, and be wild.

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