Where to go on a Date

I am the king of first dates yet I am never able to get a second. I also would just like to clarify that these date locations are solid and are not the reason I can’t get a second date. I just really suck at communication. Now that I’ve shared an uncomfortable amount about my […]

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JAWMBLEY. Shaman, 17. Graham, 17. Lazy Summer Pop. This Phoenix duo is finding their way through their own experimentation in music. “Somewhere in between indie and indie-pop”, this group has a unique vibe and has created its own little world. After meeting their sophomore year of highschool at the Phoenix School for the Arts, they […]

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Getting Over Arguments

Getting over arguments can prove to be somewhat of an art. Knowing what to say and saying what you mean is hard, even for the tightest of bonds. While every argument and every relationship is different, some techniques have risen from the pits of even the worst and nastiest arguments that are bound to mend […]

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Self Care

In the busy world that comes with being in high school, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. If you don’t take moments to relax and enjoy your own company, it can be difficult to find balance. Self care doesn’t have to be bath bombs and meditation, it can be as simple as […]

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Wearing white on a wedding day symbolizes that a woman is pure, a virgin. How often the women under these dresses embody this symbolism is questionable, but the idea itself is questionable as well. Why is purity so important? Why is so much weight placed on one aspect of a person that the colors they […]

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Keeping Up a Relationship

       For better or for worse, relationships of all kinds, or lack thereof, have a significant impact on your life. Relationships help people develop a sense of self and can encourage one another to evolve into the best version of themselves, as a relationship is all about growing together over time. Despite their […]

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What to Wear on a Date

    Picking an outfit for a date doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be a moment where you can embrace your personal style to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. Wearing the right clothes on a date, a first one especially, eases nerves and makes the date that much better, whatever the “right […]

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Beginning a Relationship

Beginning a relationship is fun, but also crucial to how the rest of the relationship will progress. Creating healthy habits and opening avenues of communication is important to ensure that your relationship never crosses into toxicity. Communication determines the success of a relationship in more situations than not. The lines of communication are so much […]

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February: La Vie en Rose

February is, for some of us, a month of excitement surrounding the celebration of our relationships. For others, it’s a reminder that self love is deserving of celebration as well. Either way, February is infamous for its emphasis on topics such as relationships, friendships, sex, love, and the list goes on. During this month, QNDP […]

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