Self Expression

Insecurity is something everyone experiences in life. Especially in social situations, like high school parties, it tends to kick in a little stronger. It’s impossible to completely turn it off, but fortunately it does allow an opportunity to grow and get to know yourself better. If you’re feeling bored with your look or uncomfortable with your own style, change it up! There is nothing more liberating than freeing yourself of expectations and living the life you want. When it comes to clothing and fashion, the possibilities are endless. There are hundreds of style genres and infinite ways to put outfits together. The best thing about it: there are no wrong ways to express yourself. If you are comfortable in your own skin, no one can stop you. So when invited to a party, take it as an opportunity to test the waters and push some boundaries. You never know what you are going to like, and the only way to find out is to experiment and put yourself out there.  


So here’s a fun little story-time.

I, Rylee Hanson, was once a mess. I still am, but a much more put together and fashionable mess. (Or maybe not!) My passion for self expression started right after I got my braces off and chopped my hair to my shoulders. I’m not sure if it was the adrenaline of looking like a different person or something else entirely, but it definitely sparked a craving for change in my life. I ditched all the neon Justice clothes I still fit into as an 8th grader, and traded them in for something I thought was “edgy style”. Looking back on it, I now know it was far from edgy and barely even fashion but I loved the way it made me feel back then and that’s something I will never forget. One specific memory I had was wearing my new pair of heeled black combat boots to school for the first time. The heel was probably less than three inches and much much lower than the heels I like to rock now. But considering girls at my junior high only wore slip-ons and high-top Chucks, I was freaking out. The moment I stepped out of my grandmas car I felt like all eyes were on me, even though I’m sure no one even looked twice. And after reaching the comfort of my beloved friend group, all my fears washed away. I walked around strutting my stuff the whole day, and the higher I held my head, the more positive comments people gave me. I felt like I was on top of the world. I put myself out there and because I accepted myself, people learned to accept me. Now, I’m not saying that my fashion choices were revolutionary or amazing either. In reality, they were god awful. But that was a necessary step in my journey through self expression that I’m continuing to this day. I still have those boots, and every time I wear them I feel a little more confident in myself. Each step is a walk in the right direction and it all starts with being completely vulnerable with your true self. It sounds cheesy, and maybe it is, but putting yourself out there is both the most difficult and the most rewarding thing you can ever do.


I just recently got a pair of seven inch platform combat boots (that my best friend and fellow QNDP writer Savannah got me for my birthday) that are more than double the size of the other ones. They make me feel completely badass and I love them to death. I am still struggling wearing them to school because I’m not sure how my peers will take it, or if they will understand my aesthetic perspective. But I’ve been feeling ready for some change in my life, and I think I know exactly how to manifest it. I’ll keep you updated.


Whether or not you are ready for three inch change or seven inch change, my advice is to go for it. I learned so much about myself through the process and you can too. Everyone can!


Keep The Change

and in the process, have a lil fun with it


-Roo ❤

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 10.10.01 PM
This is a pic of me with my friend, Stasia, from eighth grade. Yikes! Stasia looks as cute as ever but that was NOT a good look for me. All I know is layering two button ups and matching my Chucks had me feeling like I could stop the world. I didn’t, obviously, but everyone gotta go through it at some point! Lol.
Here I am with my boy Aidan, wearing the boots that were scary for me in junior high… I am totally comfortable in them now and it’s cool to think about the personal growth I’ve had wearing them.
Here’s a pic of me in one of my favorite fits from 2017! The boots were thrifted and I won’t lie, it took some convincing from my best friend to give me the confidence to buy and wear them. The overalls are from Unif! I will probably look back on this in a couple years and think, “What the HELL was I thinking”, but for now, I’m proud of it.



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