About Us


What is QNDP?

Q.N.D.P. Quarter, Nickel, Dime, Penny.  Keep the “Change” . We are a local online lifestyle and fashion magazine with the goal to branch out across all generations by highlighting our own. We have developed a passion for art and aim to produce unique and inspiring work that can shed light on the life of our youth and our future. We are a team of highly dedicated creative individuals and want to bring our community together through artistic expression and fashion. We have themed photosets every month focused on one specific part of our lives that we want to bring attention to ranging from everyday teenage life to prevalent social issues. These consecutive releases correspond to blog posts and editorials on our website: qndpmagazine.com and show how our generation will “change” society’s future.

Who is QNDP?

Christian Weninger – President and CEO

I’m Christian, and I believe that hard work is imperative to making your dreams come true. Ambition and passion are the traits that drive successful leaders and their teams to the futures they desire. My Icon: A$AP Rocky 

Savannah Mota – Director of Operations and Writer

I’m Savannah, and I believe that change is the most important part of my life. From my style to my mindset, I try to remain dynamic and express what I love, such as my favorite films and music. My Icon: SZA

Rylee Hanson – Director of Creativity

I’m Rylee, I am non-binary, and I try to use self expression in ways to promote confidence, creativity, and non-conformity! I want to use my voice and creative perspective to challenge social issues and facilitate positive change within our generation. My Icon: Adwoa Aboah


Everett Milloy – Director of Film Photography

I’m Everett and I find that my taste in style and photography are all heavily influenced by the 80’s. My top two photographers are Richard Avedon and Irving Penn and you’ll most likely see my sporting denim on denim.

Faith Nash – Director of Videography

I’m Faith, and I am forever reinventing myself in social, emotional, and stylistic circumstances. In all my work I show off my aesthetic, and creative take on the world around me. My Icon: Olivia O’Brien

Jonathan Gelen –  Director of Digital Photography

I’m Jon, and I will always pursue my love for the arts. It’s the one thing that keeps inspiring me to create and i believe it will bring joy to everyone in the world. My Icon: Wyatt Shears and Mac Demarco.

Lucas Lehman – Writer

I’m Lucas, and I believe in philosophy as a means of how to live your life, to encourage yourself to be happy, and change your world for the better. I’m fascinated by the study of existence, anxiety, good and evil, and equality through community. For me, being a writer allows for the human thought to take a form that someone else can experience, and I often use it as a tool to share thoughts of love and purpose. My Icons: Karl Marx/Ernest Hemingway/Albert Camus