Old School Parties

Although January has been filled with tips and tricks about the modern teen party, lets take a look at its predecessor: the old school bash. Dancing. Was. Everything. Far away from today’s sweaty grinding, breakdancing was the hallmark of the old school party. They’d lay out a piece of cardboard from broken down boxes and […]

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Novice is a local Arizona brand that has had some exposure since their start in September. The face of the company, Kristian Garcia, sat down and talked to us about his brand and where he plans on taking it. With many designs out so far, Kristian’s favorite is the “REIGN TERROR” hoodie, which was worn […]

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Drinking and Driving

2000 lives lost. 2000 teens. 2000 times when a DD could’ve saved a life. Each year, 2000 teens die from alcohol-related car crashes. As a generation, we can fix this problem and lower that number. Drinking and driving isn’t an achievement, it’s not a challenge, and it doesn’t ever need to happen. There are so […]

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How To Keep A Party Fun

Everyday there are posters for parties being promoted on social media, with some random DJ in a warehouse paired with a guest list full of unknown names; then there’s house parties, with hosts that are daring enough to plan an event in their own home with hopes of it not getting shut down by the […]

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Self Expression

Insecurity is something everyone experiences in life. Especially in social situations, like high school parties, it tends to kick in a little stronger. It’s impossible to completely turn it off, but fortunately it does allow an opportunity to grow and get to know yourself better. If you’re feeling bored with your look or uncomfortable with […]

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Launch Party

It finally happened: after what seemed like years of planning and a million meetings, the official launch party of QNDP has come and gone, with much success. The launch gathered the exclusive fifty guests and the 25 QNDP members and models in the revamped Floridino’s to eat, drink, and witness a unique, to say the […]

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Turn Up the Volume

Music: The key to a party’s greatness. Each type of party requires a different type of music but; if you play Yiken at a kickback, you might get some strange looks. QNDP has created some party playlists that fit the vibe. First is a Girls Night Out. One of the most precious traditions girls continue, […]

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Party Hairstyles

Dancing around all night, with sweat dripping from the back of the neck is never fun, nor is it appealing. There’s many cute, up-do hairstyles to avoid any of that happening. Buns are perfect and easy to do, as long as they are secured properly. A sleek upknot twisted bun is a very sexy hair […]

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When The Sun Goes Down

During high school, everyone is bound to get invited to at least one party. Parties are a great way to meet new people, and it’s easy to do so when you look amazing. Also, parties are a great way to show off your unique style of clothing. Grunge would be one of the most popular […]

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