How Not To Be Antisocial At Parties

Being home, laying in bed with no pants on, no make up, and a bag of popcorn seems like a perfect Saturday night in. But countless weekends doing the same thing can get boring, as well as the constant feeling of falling off the face of the Earth. It’s okay to step out of your comfort zone and into the light of a dance floor. But having to get out of the bed and actually get ready is less difficult than it seems.

Before heading out for a promised night of fun ask a friend to go with you. Having a friend with you will help conversation with people you’re unfamiliar with. By starting with talking to your friend and then adding more people into the conversation will help the transition to talking to new people. Also by having someone with you it will be easier to leave when things are getting too stressful or out of hand.

By dressing and smelling nice nobody will be able to tell you are actually an emotional wreck. Just fake it. Being involved in conversation with complete strangers might seem scary, but how else are you going to start getting yourself out there. You don’t necessarily have to speak the whole time, you can just nod, smile, and listen. You might even find yourself having fun.

No matter where the party is, there will always be a bathroom. And a bathroom is a great place to go to if you find yourself getting overwhelmed. Being so social in one day can get overwhelming and it’s understandable if you need a five minute bathroom break to get everything composed.

Getting out of bed and into an unfamiliar scene may seem scary, but at the end of the night you’ll be glad you did.

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