Why sis collective is the next step for young, independent Phoenix artists

One of the most difficult aspects of being an artist is getting your name and your work out there. It is crucial that people know you in order to support you. If you are in the shadows, then nobody will recognize the skill and ability that you possess. This truth has remained in the back […]

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Deep Blue

I wanted these photos to have the feeling of a motion picture like “Submarine”, shrouded by the intense black borders found on super 8 film. The backdrop was made out of denim that was cut from a two pairs of jeans and a skirt found on half-off Saturday at Goodwill which was then duct taped […]

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It’s actually quite a funny story about the day these were taken. Iliana, the goddess of orange, actually had food poisoning the night before, but was still willing to take these photos. We taped orange tissue paper on her window, (arguably not enough) played a couple Rex Orange County songs along with half of an […]

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-Full Interview Above- From music, to movies, to style, to energy, The Ricky Fitts have it all. QNDP had the chance to sit down with Matt, Alec, and Fletcher, 3 of the 4 members of The Ricky Fitts. Unfortunately, Elliot, their lead singer, couldn’t make it, but he was with us in spirit. After sitting […]

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April: Growth

Happy April Fools Day! QNDP hopes we didn’t fool you too bad! In our “reveal” video, which I hope you’ve seen by now, we wanted to showcase how much we’ve grown. From one of our first shoots before we launched, to the many memories in between, and the promise to continue. Running a magazine, as […]

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(Full Interview Above) Who Is: BUMMERSPHX Cedric and Donovan. A local pair of creative visionaries that aim to make content that is accessible to all. They found similar interests in art and design which eventually led to the idea of starting their own brand. After a lame summer break, and too much time on their […]

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After World War 1, the 1920’s marked a new era for American culture, and brought an enormous wave of literature, music, and poetry. This era was dominated by African American culture, bringing artists like Langston Hughes and Claude McKay into the spotlight, paving the way for the cultural movement known as the Harlem Renaissance. In […]

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How To Keep A Party Fun

Everyday there are posters for parties being promoted on social media, with some random DJ in a warehouse paired with a guest list full of unknown names; then there’s house parties, with hosts that are daring enough to plan an event in their own home with hopes of it not getting shut down by the […]

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