What to Wear on a Date



Picking an outfit for a date doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be a moment where you can embrace your personal style to make yourself feel comfortable and confident. Wearing the right clothes on a date, a first one especially, eases nerves and makes the date that much better, whatever the “right clothes” means to you.

In February, even QNDP’s home state of Arizona is still chilly at nights, and the temperature is definitely something to consider when choosing an outfit. Remember, an outfit that’s suited for a slightly higher temperature is a perfect excuse for getting closer to your significant other for warmth, so no need to bust out the parka. Jeans are always a safe bet. They’re warm, they go with everything, and everyone has a favorite pair. Jeans can be dressed up with heels or dress shoes, but easily dressed down with a pair of sneakers. Think sneakers like Vans, because super sporty sneakers can kill a pair of jeans that could otherwise be super edgy. For heels, go comfortable, and don’t be afraid to go tall. If they can’t take you at your tallest, they don’t deserve you at your barefoot! Outside of jeans and depending on the date and your style, the most important thing is to choose pants that are comfortable and make you feel confident. Cargo pants can be reminiscent of middle school, and unless you’ve been dating for a while, sweatpants and basketball shorts won’t do anything but make your date think you don’t care. For sneakerheads, wearing your most expensive or flashy pair can come off a little corny, but don’t be afraid to stunt! If you feel good in whatever you’re wearing, everything else comes easy.

Options for tops range for each type of date and each personal style. For casual dates, tops from a concert are such an underrated fit pick. Not only do you feel comfortable, but also you and your date have something to talk about and relate to. For boys, girls, and gender nonconforming people, a jacket on top of anything, no matter how casual, can make a look so much more sophisticated. For the slightly more formal dating events, a t-shirt obviously won’t do, so pull out the blouse or dress you’ve been waiting to wear! Be comfortable in what you choose, but also be daring. Show your significant other that you can switch it up, and, more importantly, prove to yourself that you can pull it off, whatever it may be. All in all, dress like you, whether that means grunge king or edgy queen, and know that regardless of what you wear, it’s all about how you rock it.

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