Keeping Up a Relationship

       For better or for worse, relationships of all kinds, or lack thereof, have a significant impact on your life. Relationships help people develop a sense of self and can encourage one another to evolve into the best version of themselves, as a relationship is all about growing together over time. Despite their vital importance, relationships can become difficult to maintain as you and your partner become consumed with everyday activities, but if you are committed to keeping up with it and set your mind to it, you can mend relationships that will go on to making you thrive in unimaginable ways.


Take some time of your day to sit down and give your partner a call, or plan a cute hangout! Asking how they are and if anything is going on in their life allows you to bond with one another, and is a great question to get a conversation rolling! There’s really nothing greater than catching up with a loved one, especially if you have not been as available to communicate with them. Something may be going on behind the scenes that your partner may have a hard time expressing, and it is imperative to reassure them that you love and cherish them, regardless of what ever may be occuring.


If you feel that you and your partner may be drifting apart, or if  you feel that something is getting in the way of the relationship, it is imperative to be honest about how you’re feeling. You should never feel afraid to tell your partner how you feel, however, this does not mean you should attack them, either. Sitting down with a loved one and having a genuine conversation about your feelings toward the relationship is so refreshing! A relationship takes two to tango, meaning they should never be one-sided. Nothing is bound to be fixed if you don’t speak up for what you want!


Sometimes life really does “get in the way”. Everyone is so caught up in their life and is determined to make themselves happy, which is detrimental for self-care. Although being in a committed relationship is all about being selfless and caring for your partner, taking time to step back and appreciate yourself and develop your own sense of being is the best selfishness one can contain in the duration of a relationship. If you aren’t able to visit or communicate with your partner as much as you’re used to, try to give them the benefit of the doubt. At the end of the day, we are all just human and trying to figure everything out!


Appreciation is not always demonstrated by gift-giving and expenses, there are tons of ways to show your pals that you’re thinking of them and appreciate them being in your life; it’s all about the little things! Doing things such as hand-writing your partner a short, sweet letter of appreciation or even sending them a text saying you’re thinking about them can be incredibly heartwarming. At times, it can be easy to fall into routine and not acknowledge how much your friend may do for you. Taking time out of your day to tell them that you appreciate their presence and everything they do for you is not only rewarding for them, but for yourself as well!


We all mess up at times, and although that may be difficult to accept, it is crucial to admit to your wrongdoings and acknowledging something went wrong. All relationships should be two-sided, meaning everyone involved in it is responsible for what plays out. Anything that is one-sided is exhausting, and it’s unfair to put the pressure of a relationship’s standpoint on one person.  Be willing to reach out and  apologize for your behavior if necessary, listen to how your partner feels, and take their feeling into consideration. This enables you to commit to bettering the relationship!

One thought on “Keeping Up a Relationship

  1. All great points! My husband and I have found The ABCs of LOVE by Diana Shulman to be very helpful in improving our relationship. You can find more info on her, her book and what she does on her website, You also can’t forget to have fun. It’s easy for a relationship to become ordinary. You have to remember to keep growing, working and having fun together. Thanks for the post and valid points!


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