Beginning a Relationship

Beginning a relationship is fun, but also crucial to how the rest of the relationship will progress. Creating healthy habits and opening avenues of communication is important to ensure that your relationship never crosses into toxicity.

Communication determines the success of a relationship in more situations than not. The lines of communication are so much easier to utilize correctly if they are set up early. Let the significant other know how often you have access to communication. This includes work schedules, sleep schedules, and family time, and fortunately, this step does not require much effort. Shoot a text in the morning saying when you start and get off work that day. Let your partner know when you usually go to bed, and when you’re feeling tired. Facetime your girlfriend and show her to the family, and then let her know you’ll see her after you all finish dinner. Simple things like this let your significant other know from the start how you will communicate in the future.

Rylee and Aidan: Thinking about La Vie en Rose

Set boundaries. This, of course, applies to what you want to do in bed, but also outside of the bedroom. For anything sex-related, get it out early and honestly. Don’t wait until you’re in the moment, because not only can it be hard to honor your own boundaries, but your partner won’t even know them. There’s a lot of ways to do this, and for every type of relationship there’s a distinct way that feels right. So whether its sending a text that lays out what you like or a parked car conversation that covers what you dislike, letting each other know when you’re ready for whatever it is will be helpful in the future. Don’t forget to set boundaries like when you need to be home, or how comfortable you are with your significant other discussing your relationship outside of you and him, her, or them. A much easier and comfortable relationship comes from respected and reasonable boundaries.

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Lily and Lucas: Share a Coke

Be honest. Be open. Remember that the term “relationship” doesn’t have to describe something romantic and monogamous. Tell your person what you want, whether it be one-night sex or long-term love, knowing each others’ intentions will avoid confusion and premature broken hearts. If you have history, discuss it! Whether that entails apologies or the decision to wipe the slate clean, make sure everyone is on the same page. Honesty in how you feel and what you want is so crucial in the beginning of any relationship, so consider the repercussions of lies, even little ones, before you tell them. Openness and acceptance will go far in this stage of a relationship, as reassurance and encouragement will continue this theme throughout the entirety of the relationship.

Lily and Lucas: Look Left

Whatever you do in a relationship, respect the other person, ask for consent, be kind, honest, and communicative, and everything is bound to work out in the way it should. Don’t get down on yourself if a relationship you were really excited for doesn’t work out. What’s meant to happen will happen.

Rylee and Aidan: Pink, White, and Blue

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