When The Sun Goes Down

During high school, everyone is bound to get invited to at least one party. Parties are a great way to meet new people, and it’s easy to do so when you look amazing. Also, parties are a great way to show off your unique style of clothing.

Grunge would be one of the most popular styles amongst teenagers, especially seen around skate parks. This street wear look is all about bringing back the 70’s. There’s many different pieces that can be incorporated into getting the grunge look. Grunge was first originated by bands, such as Soundgarden and Nirvana. Following this new generation of music at that time lead to a new style of  clothing and culture, known today as grunge. Comfort is often a hallmark of the grunge fit, but the possibilities of what really makes a fit: grunge, are endless. It could be anything from boyfriend jeans to a fur coat that take a fit from granny to grunge. Grunge is all about bringing together effortless, yet comfortable pieces together, but with an edge.

Parties help many kids expand their social group. Complimenting them on their outfit, casually joining in on a conversation, and just introducing yourself is a great way to get to know someone new.

Trying to decide whether to stay in another Saturday night or go out to a party should not be a hard choice. Parties seem intimidating with stories of dancing disasters and peer pressure, but with a little help from friends and some common sense, all will be okay.

Copy of 0188512-R1-E015
Stripes: Cute or Corny? Aidan absolutely tackles this question in the perfect grunge fit. Check out his edgy detail with the chain.
Copy of 0188512-R3-048-22A
Eve, a grunge & skate queen, skates into the new year looking cool as ever. Keep reading to see how her fit develops over the course of the night! Hint: fur!!!
Copy of 0188512-R4-021-9
Reflect Positivity! In their cute fur (faux! don’t worry!) coats, and grunge fits, Savannah, Amanda, and Rykiel get ready to kill it as always. Fun Fact: Three syllable names are the sexiest and everyone in this photo, including the photographer: Everett, has three syllable names. Coincidence? I think not.
Copy of 0188512-R5-047-22
GRL LUV= GRL PWR! With matching black boots, Rylee and Eve exemplify grunge style in the best way: the rainbow way!
Copy of 0188512-R6-022-9A
Life’s a blur. Choosing what to focus on can be hard, but Edric’s focus on style gives him a clear view.
Copy of 0188512-R7-052-24A
Fabric mixing>Brand mixing! Amanda shows off her ability to mix and match fabrics to make a fit especially interesting.
Copy of 0188512-R9-023-10
99 red balloons go by… Stasia shows off her color coordination in her grunge party fit, that is simple, but cute. Fun Fact: Stasia manages social media for QNDP, so every post goes through her first! Go check out our social media @QNDPMagazine on Twitter and Instagram.



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