Party Hairstyles

Dancing around all night, with sweat dripping from the back of the neck is never fun, nor is it appealing. There’s many cute, up-do hairstyles to avoid any of that happening.
Buns are perfect and easy to do, as long as they are secured properly. A sleek upknot twisted bun is a very sexy hair style. Kim Kardashian often sports the topknot and you can pull it off just as well. To get the look, first sleek back all hair into a high ponytail. Then split the ponytail in two parts. After doing so, twist both sections around each other. And finally wrap the hair around the hair tie, then secure with hairspray and bobby pins. With at least half a bottle of hairspray there’s no way hair will be falling out.
Another hot hair style would be a sleek high pony. This look will require some hairspray and hair gel. The sleek high ponytail is seen most on the iconic Ariana Grande. She makes the style more interesting by taking a small portion of hair from the ponytail and wrapping it around the hair tie, so it’s no longer visible.
Wearing hair down at a party is never fun, especially for those with long hair. Even if nobody’s dancing the atmosphere is bound to be musty with many people in one place. Fortunately there’s many different perfect hairstyles to avoid sweaty spaghetti hair.

Start with a sleek ponytail
Then separate in two sections
Wrap the sections around each other
Then wrap around hair tie into a bun
And there you go! A cute, sexy up-do


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