If you haven’t read Franz Kafka’s existential story of “Metamorphosis”, allow me to give a very brief summary. One morning, a salesman named Gregor wakes up in his bed to discover that he has turned into a large insect. You did read that correctly. Gregor struggles with his new form and is kept in a […]

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Up-cycling is an easy way to change up your style without buying any new clothes! Everyone gets in the habit of wearing the same things over and over again, and then eventually getting bored. Instead of throwing clothes away and soon wasting more money on clothes that will meet the same fate, UP-CYCLE! Up-cycling is […]



-Full Interview Above- From music, to movies, to style, to energy, The Ricky Fitts have it all. QNDP had the chance to sit down with Matt, Alec, and Fletcher, 3 of the 4 members of The Ricky Fitts. Unfortunately, Elliot, their lead singer, couldn’t make it, but he was with us in spirit. After sitting […]

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Growing Pains

Growth, as shown throughout QNDP’s last few articles, is a beautiful thing. It is powerful and meaningful and inevitable. Unfortunately, however, growth comes with growing pains, and often, these pains leave scars. Scars get a bad reputation, even though there is beauty and meaning in all of them. Scars show how we’ve grown and who […]

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Style Growth

       Of all the many things that grow naturally as time passes, style is often not included. It’s easy to wear the same clothes in the same way for months or years on end. For some, this is fine, but for many, switching, altering, and growing style is important, but difficult. QNDP has […]

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Confidence: An Alternate Take

The idea of being confident is played out. It’s easy for celebrities and mentors and friends to encourage you to be yourself, love yourself, and express yourself. It’s so easy to tell each other to be confident that the phrase loses its meaning. Not to mention, being, loving, and expressing yourself is nearly impossible when […]

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April: Growth

Happy April Fools Day! QNDP hopes we didn’t fool you too bad! In our “reveal” video, which I hope you’ve seen by now, we wanted to showcase how much we’ve grown. From one of our first shoots before we launched, to the many memories in between, and the promise to continue. Running a magazine, as […]

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(Full Interview Above) Who Is: BUMMERSPHX Cedric and Donovan. A local pair of creative visionaries that aim to make content that is accessible to all. They found similar interests in art and design which eventually led to the idea of starting their own brand. After a lame summer break, and too much time on their […]

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