How to Break Your Block

We are always looking for inspiration, especially as artists, we strive for something to spark us with excitement to start or continue a project. Yet, inspiration can be very difficult to obtain.

Artist’s block, lack of motivation, and lack of inspiration is a common place artists end up in. It can certainly be one of the most frustrating things one can go through.

After having been through countless times of struggle in this state I believe it is important for artists to share what has worked for them, and what has not. Here is my insight:

When having trouble creating it is important to look at the big picture and evaluate what is a distraction or could possibly be hurting your progress. Cutting that source out will be quite helpful.

Another strategy is to record thoughts you have throughout your day- and no this does not mean to write everything you think about during the day, this means that in the morning and night take the time to fill up about 3 pages in a journal with absolutely anything that comes to mind. This is a tip I learned from The Artist’s Way, a phenomenal course taught by Julia Cameron. Doing this daily allows one to clear their mind, giving their head more space to come up with ideas, and find inspiration during the day.

Taking in less media and spending more time creating it is something to keep in mind when going through a block. It has been said that you can gain inspiration from witnessing others’ works, but it makes more sense to spend less time absorbing yourself in what others do, and instead allowing yourself to explore your own abilities.

The most important thing to do when in a funk like this is to make time for three things: alone time, a weekly artist’s date, and of course, time to make progress on your project. Alone time, meaning literally alone (social media is not alone) is essential in developing a more mature relationship with yourself and therefore your work. A weekly artist’s date is, as well a tip I learned from Cameron… This is basically a date that you go on with no other company, but yourself, to do anything that nourishes you. This could be trying new food, taking a walk, going to a park, going on a long bike ride, or whatever you want it to be. With this alone time you will become more comfortable with yourself, allowing your ideas to flow easier when it comes to your work. And of course time to work on your project is essential to get past your block.

These four steps/tips have allowed me to work through struggles when it comes to my work, and hopefully it can work for you as well!

-Sofie Nabboud

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