March 28, 2019 Aidan Diaz

A Creative Block

As a photographer it’s hard sometimes to come up with ideas for shoots all the time. I myself have been going through a creative block and haven’t been able to find my way out of it yet. Creative blocks happen to a lot of other content creators and I feel like no one really talks about it because it puts them and their work in a vulnerable spot. Some would rather have a big gap between posts instead of showing themselves working on their creative block. I’d rather show this part than have a gap in my posts. When I get a creative block like this I like to go back and make notes on some of my old pictures about what I can fix and while doing that to make myself a better photographer, maybe I can gain some inspiration too. These are just a couple of my notes on some of my pictures where I have marked little edits I would make if I was to redo these photos.

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