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Climate Change is Still Happening

One of the most prominent things we see just by stepping outside is that the weather is whacking out. It’s become something we can’t actually ignore anymore because we’ve all felt it or seen it by now, in fact recently it’s been so cold in Arizona that it’s hailed and snowed in the valley. It’s also snowed in Las Vegas and just like before the polar ice caps are still melting. In fact the polar ice caps won’t be ice caps if this continues, and many people are unaware of what kind of risks this leads to but something like this doesn’t just affect us as humans but it affects multiple things, like the endangerment of animals, and the geography of our planet. Polar bears for example are an apex predator, with no real threat besides humans polar bears sit at the top of the food chain so if something like polar bears are in danger we know somethings up. Now researchers identify a species’ vulnerability off of four things: Sensitivity, Adaptive Capacity, Exposure, and Other Threats that wouldn’t normally be accounted for. Now polar bears have “a relatively high genetic diversity” according to ( and can disperse over very long distances but this is all possible because of the sea ice available to them, or at least was available to them.

Polar bears can actually swim for an average of 96 miles, and the duration of long distance swims have been recorded to last up to 10 days. But this feat can’t be admired if the polar bear can’t reach any land or sea ice to rest. It’s becoming increasingly harder for Polar bears to not only find shelter but food as well and because of this it’s been discovered that Polar Bears have also started practicing cannibalism. Mother Polar Bears have been found eating their own cubs to sustain energy, and this not only breaks the heart but boggles the mind. Climate change isn’t just affecting animals though, currently there is a gigantic cavity in the Arctic glaciers the size of Manhattan. “We have suspected for years that Thwaites was not tightly attached to the bedrock beneath it,” said Eric Rignot of the University of California, Irvine, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California ( Researchers are still figuring out how to keep up with the fast changing pace of the glacier melting and point out that understanding how the ocean melts away the glacier is essential to project it’s impact on sea level. Now when speaking of the topic of climate change, the main objective is to educate and retaliate not just spread more panic. It’s important we understand what’s happening to our planet so we can save it and continue prospering n it because at this moment in time we are not doing that and it goes beyond not littering. Stopping climate change means finding solutions to help stop political instability and injustice, food and resource depletion, severe droughts and wildfires, war and regional conflicts, ocean fish stock depletion, water pollution and water table loss, and growing economic inequity, poverty and instability. So now you may be asking what can I do? Yu may be saying to yourself “i’m just one person what will I be able to do to stop something that’s already been going on for so long?”

    Well you can educate people, you can stop using plastic straws, you can sign petitions, you can donate food like canned goods to those who need it, you can provide blankets to homeless people who brave harsh weather conditions alone and sad. You can use your voice and start showing others that we need to respect our planet or it won’t be our anymore.

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