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Happy Birthday QNDP

Happy Birthday QNDP! After a year of growth, setbacks, change, and most of all, creativity, we threw our biggest party yet: La Mode! Right around 200 people attended and enjoyed a red carpet, vendor booths, an art gallery, and most of all, three fashion shows. QNDP could not be more thankful to everyone who attended and for those who didn’t, here’s a recap:

La Mode began with guests entering on our red carpet just outside of Noah’s Event Venue, in case you were wondering where this fabulous event took place. Here’s some of our favorite looks:

MG 1578

MG 1488

MG 1443

MG 1211

MG 0992

MG 1001

MG 1196

While La Mode guests filed in, they were serenaded by a variety of musicians with different styles and songs. The open mic featured many artists, some pictured below.

MG 1172

MG 0948

MG 0914

Now for what you’ve really been waiting for: the fashion shows.

Our three shows kicked off with a fresh take on winter looks pioneered by designer Timothy Tuggle Jr of Black and White Industries. He employs plaid and fur in an innovative way, as well as toying with the original winter silhouette. In this show, he showed off not only his ability to produce novel looks, but also signature, classic tops for the average consumer. Here’s Black and White Industries:

IMG 5583  AD La Mdoe 1

IMG 5582   AD La Mdoe 2

IMG 5581 1  AD La Mdoe 3

IMG 5580  AD La Mdoe 4

IMG 5579 AD La Mdoe 5

IMG 5578AD La Mdoe 6

IMG 5577 AD La Mdoe 7

IMG 5576 AD La Mdoe 9

IMG 5575 AD La Mdoe 10

IMG 5574 AD La Mdoe 12

IMG 5573

IMG 5572  qndp11 1 of 1

Next up, our very own QNDP show. This line was conceptualized, designed, and sewn by one of our own: Jordyn Bookout. Subtly inspired by 70’s imagery, our show is colorful, bold, and includes feminine, masculine, and gender neutral looks. We believe fashion and style shouldn’t be determined by gender, and you should express yourself however you want. It’s all about how you rock it. Here’s QNDP by Jordyn Bookout:

IMG 5563

IMG 5564  AD La Mdoe 27

IMG 5565  AD La Mdoe 26

IMG 5566  AD La Mdoe 25  qndp6 1 of 1

IMG 5567  AD La Mdoe 23   qndp7 1 of 1

IMG 5568  AD La Mdoe 21  AD La Mdoe 22

IMG 5569  qndp22 1 of 1

IMG 5570  AD La Mdoe 19  qndp21 1 of 1

IMG 5571  qndp8 1 of 1

After this line, we rolled out our merch. If you see something you like, head to the merch section of our website and buy it! Alongside our classic Cinema Girl design, we premiered our newest design created especially for this event, aptly titled La Mode.

IMG 5562 AD La Mdoe 28

IMG 5561  AD La Mdoe 29

IMG 5560

IMG 5559 AD La Mdoe 34 AD La Mdoe 30

IMG 5558 AD La Mdoe 32 AD La Mdoe 31

IMG 5557

After our own show, we decided that it would be important to not only showcase designers’ style, but also personal style. QNDP, since the beginning, has been about developing yourself through your own style and creating a space where we could document the art and fashion of our generation. To create a physical representation of this idea, we let each model dress themselves. We encouraged them to express their personality through their clothes, movement, and energy. Here they are:

IMG 5545

IMG 5552qndp3 1 of 1

IMG 5549 AD La Mdoe 38

IMG 5548 AD La Mdoe 39 AD La Mdoe 43

IMG 5555

IMG 5554

IMG 5553 AD La Mdoe 36

AD La Mdoe 37

AD La Mdoe 35

qndp20 1 of 1

IMG 5547 AD La Mdoe 40

We hope you enjoyed viewing the photos from our show, and we hope that if you came you had a great time. Thanks again to all of our sponsors, vendors, models, artists, and attendees. We hope to see you at the next one!

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