November 21, 2018 jordynbookout

why i’m thankful for fashion

What would a world look like without fashion? A world where everyone wore the same outfit, all day and everyday no matter who they were. To some, this may seem like a good idea with clothing no longer dividing people. To others, including myself, living in a world like that would be a nightmare because a huge form of self expression would be completely erased.

Personal style often will grow and change as much as we do physically and mentally through life. Clothing is a way we can express how we feel or who we are without speaking a word. While our feelings can influence our clothing choices, it can also work the other way around. You know that feeling of joy when you find that pair of jeans that fit just right or power as you strut in your favorite shoes.

My love for fashion started all because i greatly appreciated that feeling.  Because of my grandmother’s gift of sewing that was passed down to me, I got to see what went into constructing garments. Taking a pile of fabric and turning it into what you see in stores. Every item you pass by at the mall isn’t just a t-shirt or a pair of sneakers. Each started as just a sketch and had traveled a long journey before reaching you.

Not enough people pay much attention to the story behind what they wear but it is something I am very passionate about. I am so thankful that fashion and designing clothes has given me an outlet to use my creativity, express myself, and share my passion with the world.

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