November 19, 2018 malachilasit


Here I am, here I go

Presented as a glass sculpture

Awed upon by the masses, the dozens of eyes.

It’s their wonder and desire that presses against me,

Compressing me and my soul into what can only be gold.

Labeled as a prize and noticed as a luxurious, pure symbol of beauty.

It is my thoughts that harbor a twisted tone,

Glass that cuts deep and unnoticed,

But all the while still beautiful.

Shattered and painted, i’m still valuable.

Still a treasure, sought after and collected but never kept.

Passed as an heirloom, displayed as a crest.

I remain as solid as I can in the many hands of the viewers.

Even when i’m worn out, I maintain my reputation as inspiring, and groundbreaking.

Even when forgotten, i’m still art.

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