November 14, 2018 jonathankellso

Why i’m thankful for music’s complexity

Music has the power to do so many things.

It can make you happy, it can make you sad.

It can wake you up or put you to sleep.

It can make you dance or stop you in your tracks.


Next to photography, there is no other artform more widely distributed than music. It invades our everyday lives. Our ears are constantly bombarded with countless melodies from all sorts of people from all sorts of walks of life from all over the world. Music is, was, and will remain to be one of the most common forms of art, but why?

The answer might not necessarily be “findable.”

I believe that music has a presence within our minds and our souls in a way that isn’t restricted by physical means. If someone has a deep love towards a song, they may explain that they “like the way the instrumentalization sounds,” or that “the lyrics speak to them,” but I don’t think one can fully explain eXActly the reasoning behind why a song makes such a strong connection to them.

If you like a song, you just do. And that is what makes it so wonderful. This complexity. This unexplainable wonder surrounding the formation of the rhythm and melody that is what makes music so great.


And that is what I’m thankful for.


So next time you’re listening through a playlist of yours, take a second to think about the songs. Think about them in a way that helps you further your appreciation for them, because there truly isn’t anything like music.

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