November 9, 2018 savannahmota

Appreciating Winter (28 Things)


As we venture further in to November and days get colder, it’s hard not to miss summer. On the other hand, though, winter holds a lot of exciting things. To finally let go of the sun and welcome winter, I asked some friends what their favorite things to do in winter are, and these are my favorites, enjoy!


Listen to Christmas music.

Save money on gas.

“The best part of winter is that gas prices are way lower, my car just hit 200,000 miles so this is kind of a big thing for me.”

 Use your car defroster.

Look at Christmas lights.

Wear winter coats.

Curl up in big blankets.

“I love everything about winter. Christmas lights, winter coats, and big fucking blankets. Hot chocolate slaps too.”

Change up your usual nail colors.

Dye your hair darker.

Enjoy crisp air in the mornings.

Watch the sun rise during those mornings.

Drive through the fog.

Go hot tubbing without dying of heat stroke.

Go to sleep in flannel PJ’s.



Connect with family on Thanksgiving.

Avoid shaving your legs.

“My favorite part of winter is that I don’t have to shave my legs as much because I wear a lot of pants. No Shave November is my favorite month.”

Shop on Black Friday.

Make snowmen, or snowwomen, or snow people.

Wear dark lipstick.

“There’s literally nothing I love more than dark lipstick in makeup looks in winter, it’s so hot.”

Cuddle with your person.

Rock beanies.

“As a former emo kid, I never let go of my love for beanies, so that’s always been the best part of winter for me.”

Walk outside without melting.

Eat pop tarts from the toaster.

“This is simple, but I’m obsessed with hot chocolate and pop tarts in the toaster. I’d eat that three meals a day if I could.”

See your favorite cousins on holidays.

Not die of allergies from plants.

Drink eggnog.

Wear hoodies without sweating off ten pounds.


These are just a few things we love about winter, we hope you enjoyed! Let us know your favorite cold season activities!

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