November 5, 2018 malachilasit

New Feelings

I feel a new type of happy when I see your face, A new type of nervous and a new type of scared.

I feel enlightened and mature, I feel like i’m learning something new when I look at your face, when I look into your expression, and your smile.

I feel a different type of connection and different colored spark. I crave a different kind of attention from your eyes and words, I realize I want a different type of bond with your soul.

I swear it’s a serious type of silly I feel when i’m reaching out to you, for an elevated validation and acceptance, a healthy kind.

Is it even possible to be so drawn to someone’s aura, when you aren’t even sure if you truly like the color of it?

It’s magnificent to see how much I could grow with someone like that, and it’s scary to realize how hurt I could get from someone like that.

But that’s the thrill of the kill isn’t it?

And the truth is i’m already a walking corpse from my pains, but you brought me back to life.

Are you even aware that your juggling my heart in your hands?

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