November 4, 2018 savannahmota

Introducing… Themed Lookbooks

If you’ve been following QNDP for a while, you know we used to have monthly themes. We did away with them eventually because we wanted our creators to have more freedom, but we’re admitting that we miss them a bit. So instead of backtracking, we want to try something new that involves you, our viewers!

Why: Because we are a youth culture magazine, we want to expand outside of ourselves, and see what you have to offer.

How: We’ll release a theme every few weeks, give or take, and you can take that theme and interpret it however you want. Take pictures of yourself, others, your outfits, an event, whatever it is, and post it on your social media of choice, tag QNDP, and we’ll repost it!

Who: We’re inviting everyone to participate, whether you’re a photographer or just always fitted, we want to see what you come up with.

What: Our first theme is Film Noir, with this we’re thinking black and white, but take it however you want to! You can tag us in the photo, @ us in the caption or comments, or use the hashtag #QNDPxMe . I’ve seen your paragraph long hashtag strings, so just add this one! The pictures in this article are some examples that our Director of Visual Art, Aidan Snideman, submitted.

Have fun with it and don’t forget to tag QNDP. If you have some content already on your page that you’d love for us to repost, throw us an @ or #QNDPxMe in the comments. This is a great way to reach a new audience and we’re all pumped to see your work!

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