October 21, 2018 Rylee Hanson

The Necessities For a Spooky Basket!

All around twitter we have been seeing cute gifts to celebrate the spookiest month of the year!!

They have adopted the name “Spooky Basket” & I am pretty sure everyone secretly wants one.

Here are some ideas for items to put in your friend’s/significant other’s basket!!!



  • Spooky Socks
  • Fav candy
  • Scary/Halloween Movies
  • Cute novelty/cheesy halloween items
  • One or two personalized non-spooky items


Here is an example basket:


Notice that everything is Black&Orange- automatically making it spooky. There are a couple different pairs of socks, lighthearted movies, Halloween candy, stickers, and just some fun novelty  items!!


You can always just get a couple movies, fairy lights, socks, and some candy to set up a super comfy spooky movie night! Its an adorable date idea.


No S/O? No problem!! Find some horror flicks and make a fun movie night with your best friend and brew up some coffee or hot cocoa.


There is no rules to what you can and can’t put in a spooky basket, the most important part is that it is fun and from the heart. This could mean putting more personal items like face masks, bracelets, or a new video game! This is 100% customizable.


Did you get a spooky basket this season? Or did you make one for somebody else?

Tag @qndpmagazine in your post so we can recognize you!

Happy shopping! Keep the change.



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