October 16, 2018 savannahmota

How to Transition into Fall

Not ready to let go of summer? Don’t want to embrace sweater weather quite yet? Unsure of how to express yourself in fall? This one’s for you!!!

Here are some fun outfits that might help you transition into fall, especially in places where it’s still hot outside during the painfully slow transition into winter.

Do you play sports? Student athlete? Jock? No matter what, coordination is a good way to guide fits you’re unsure of. Pick a color and run with it! It’s also fun to mix textures, this one’s a classic varsity sweater that got a little twist with a matching leather skirt.

Are you a goth girl? Do you hate color? Are you still a flashy bitch? This fit is meant for you, sis! Tights are a good way to transition into fall because you can keep warm while feeling the last of the summer breezes. These are fun because they have stars, and the skirt has some silver detailing that keeps with the shiny theme. Don’t think fall means everything has to be muted!

Are you preppy? Do you study often? School lover? You can still be cute! Turtlenecks are my absolute favorite type of top in fall and I know all you nerdy girls thrive in them! Plaid has made a big comeback recently and we need to embrace it before we decide it’s ugly again. This plaid skirt has a ruffle on it that’s surprisingly cute. Have fun with it!

Are you unsure of your style? Don’t have an answer to when people ask you about how you dress? Indecisive? You might like this! The pieces in this fit can go a ton of different ways. A layered white skirt can go with almost any top and with some tights, it’s great for fall. The cropped sweater though? That is versatility! Wear it with jeans, shorts, leggings, skirts, over a dress, it’s all fall! Embrace it ladies!

Here is a spooky bracelet that everyone should be wearing during this season. Get on it. I hope you have the cutest fits ever this fall and are never too cold or too hot.

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