September 12, 2018 everettmilloy


We are the last generation. The last generation to have lived at the time of the attack on the twin towers, and yet many of us forget that those who will come after us, will only know of it as a date in a history book. I want you to let that sink in, and understand that our souls were present that day as the world watched, held their breaths and cried out not knowing what was happening.
What happened 17 years ago today on West and Liberty St. is nothing short of horrific, the reflection pools still read the names of the lives lost, but we have forgotten that day even when we said we wouldn’t. The schools have stopped playing videos, and the announcements no longer hold a moment of silence. What happened to the “Never Forget” posts, and the black ribbons that held onto the coats and shirts of the people on the street? I suppose we have forgotten, at least most of us. The only thing I see now are flags lining the driveways, and cars with painted words on the back windows reading “Today’s 9/11, I Hope We Don’t Forget”. Although those who were born around the time of the event have no memory of it happening, there seems to be a duty that we’ve been given. To teach and pass down the memories and stories that were shared with us.
I leave you with this, the idea of forgetting the day is natural and common. But try, fight tooth and nail to remember the lives that were lost, jumping from buildings, in the buildings, in the planes in the fires, in the ashes, and in the rubble. That is our only task, to remember what this day means to us as a nation, to remember what it means to the families who’ve lost someone, to remember what happened this day 17 years ago.

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