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Conspiracy Theory: Jesus is an Alien

Could Jesus be an Alien?

It’s an odd thought yes, but is it likely? Maybe, now I myself am not too religious, but when I am it’s certainly Buddhism that I practice not Christianity or anything of that sort, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t compelling facts or that it’s not an interesting idea. Here’s the rundown, as we all know Jesus Christ was born the son of The Virgin Mary, now there are three possibilities to how she was able to bring Jesus into life, interesting one’s at least. Now theres number one, She was gifted a child by God herself, or that number two she never told anyone the the truth and their really was a Father and everything we know is a lie or of course that aliens came over her little hut or whatever she lived in and they abducted her, and they probe her of some sort, and then Jesus or at least what would become Jesus was planted inside her. This would explain Jesus being such an odd person, he was always speaking about basically a different life than everyone at the time. Now I don’t know my history too well and I’m not fluent in the bible but I believe it went something like this, Jesus was so charismatic and just affectionate and influential that he kind of brainwashed all the people who listened to his words. He was able to walk on water which is of course a supernatural ability, as well as die and come back to life and he was able to transform pure water into straight wine. At least this is what i’ve heard. Jesus was and still is celebrated and praised everyday, there’s books and movies and songs about him, there’s stories and dreams about him and so many more things that are dedicated to him and because of this it’s almost like a supernatural force has embedded itself into what we know as everyday life itself, I mean Jesus is the center of a lot of memes too.

Know back to the some facts, or what can most closely be related to as facts in this whole little number. Now the Virgin Mary was said to have been visited by the angel Gabriel who forewarned her of having such an important child, it is possible for the story of this event to be an alien encounter, in fact it can be said for most “godly encounters” that they are all just a visitation from a specific other worldly visitor. Another compelling thought would be Jesus’ ascension from Earth, which can very possibly be his return to his home planet if he really was an alien and human hybrid.

I know it’s a very big stretch, I just wanted to serve some food for thought from my luxurious five star kitchen that is my brain to the beautiful public. Stay tuned for more QNDP conspiracies.

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