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An Ex-Gang Member’s Recollections

In an interview QNDP held with an ex-Crip gang member, we’ve been able to scratch the surface of the thoughts and recollections of said gang member who wishes to stay anon, here’s what he had to say.

“Where did you live while the whole affiliation with the gang took place?”,

“Oakland, California.”

“How did you get affiliated with the gang?”

“I grew up around them, yea, I trusted them and they trusted me and they saw me hanging around their kids and yea”

“What made you want to join the gang, and why did you see yourself with them?”

“When you grow up in an environment like that, you don’t know anything better and you don’t know anything besides what you’re surrounded with, so me growing up with all these gang members, drugs, guns and violence it’s basically what you think you’re gonna be…it’s like saying if you’re dad knows karate you’re probably gonna know karate too right?”,

“How did you feel while you were associated with them”.

“I felt powerful, ya know basically how you feel when your with your homies, like no one could touch me or f* with me“.

“Why did you leave?”

“Cuz I was moving and I had too, you don’t get to just leave, to get into a gang you gotta get your as* beat and to get outta the gang you gotta get you as* beat”.

“How did you feel knowing you had to leave the environment you were so used to and accustomed to?”

“Well, I had to go, so I was like jump me out, bye, thanks for the fun”.

“Would you ever go back to that kind of life”,

“F* no, i’ve been shot”

“How did you get shot?”

“So I was walking with my cousins and we were behind some people (gang members) with black rags coming out of their back pockets (Crip rivals). At this time I wasn’t a crip, we heard screeching around the corner, when we go to look we see two men with blue bandanas around their face rolling the window down and pointing the gun with intentions to kill. I was just an eight year old boy that got stuck in the crossfire of gang rivalry. I went straight to the ground in fear of the gunfire and next thing you know a bullet ricocheted off the concrete in front of me and it pierced my right shoulder, and that’s how ya boi got shot”,

“So after this incident when did you affiliate yourself with the Crips?”

“Two years after that happened“.

“Because of all these incidents would you consider that these event’s molded you into who you are today?”

“I mean I say joining the Crips made me a man, and it made me realize that there’s so much more worry to life than what ordinary people see, like all these wannabe gang members acting tough when they don’t know the jist of it. I see life in a bigger light, I see it more than just playing with the future“.

QNDP’s guest was more than happy to continue on with the process and mentality kept and strictly maintained through the actions of the Crip gang, advocation is what our guest most deeply stresses, as do we, it’s important to take in other people’s experiences and accounts especially when discussing safety and awareness to a developing culture of normality that is accepted in the minds of our youth, gang affiliation isn’t a joke, it’s a real process and real danger and though it’s handled as an aesthetic to a violence normative conforming majority, many people don’t hear much raw truth to the bandwagon. However, here at QNDP, the truth is showcased on a platform.

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