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How to Build a Brand

Building a brand can be a daunting task for those who do not have experience in the marketing world. From creating a logo, to making connections with other creators, it’s hard to know where to begin.

This past First Friday, members here at QNDP were able to get advice from some local entrepreneurs who have started their own business.

“Do something you like…do something you love actually–not even like–do something you love. You’re not going to get tired of something you love.”     -Tyler, Dutch Photography

When it comes to creating a name, or logo, it’s important to think about how you want to be perceived. Concepts such as color schemes, fonts, and art styles can set your brand apart from the sea of others. This, coupled with knowledge of your target audience, goes hand-in-hand with the actual creation of your product.

One tip is to visualize your product in your everyday life. Whether it be something you wear or use, ask yourself: Is this something I would buy and love?

If your answer was yes, congrats! It’s time to connect.

Making connections with your community is crucial in creating a name for yourself. Find creators in a similar field by researching dates of local festivals, vendor opportunities, or helpful classes at a learning annex. Small items that can be given out like stickers or patches also assist to spread the word.

As a final thought, don’t forget to use every asset you have available. Outsourcing local artists can be easy and beneficial in building a more professional look. Collaborating with others will not only introduce your brand to the public, but will also expose you to the world of being a creator.

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