August 11, 2018 savannahmota

What is First Friday?

First Friday is unique. There’s very few comparable experiences to the atmosphere and experience that make it up.

First Friday is an event that happens all over the country on the first friday of each month, so about every four or five weeks. Essentially, it’s heaven for artsy kids. Vendors, artists, and performers get together and share a space and just allow creativity to flow, and the feeling is in the air.

A walk down the street at first friday might show some fun boutiques, a few street performers, indie bands playing their hearts out, and of course, a lot of art. Because of all the different attractions, it’s easy to bring a group or just go solo. It’s great for a date, too! Every first friday is a little different, although some staples do stand. Because of this, it’s fun to go again and again to check out what’s new and say hi to the regulars.

Yet another great part about First Friday is that the people are often friendly so networking is made easy. Whether you’re trying to create a small business and need to talk to the owner of one, or if you’re an up and coming musician and need some friends in the music business, everyone is available. QNDP even learned from vendors at First Friday.

All in all, it’s a really cool experience. I know that living in Arizona can get pretty boring, and this is a great opportunity to fix that. I hope you’ll drop by First Friday and let us know what you think!

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