July 27, 2018 joshzwei

Trip to Canada

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Heavily forested Washington island near Canada waters, very few houses were spotted on these islands living in solitude.


Seaplanes were constantly in and out of the harbor during the day for tours of the island. I wonder if you would get seasickness or airsickness from these planes.


Escaped logs from mills liter the shores of Vancouver Island, many people made beach cabins instead of sand castles.


The wildlife seems to have no problem with people, this Heron didn’t mind me filming a video of him catching a fish from 4 feet away, just as long as he got his lunch.


Probably biting off more than she can chew.


Orca pod heading from the bay to the Pacific to hunt for fish. This pod recently lost their eldest female leader who lived past 100 years old!


The muddy shores of Tofino, home of the Pacific Rim Whale Festival to celebrate the grey whale migrations.


Cold and rainy Lake Cowichan, minutes before getting my sister’s hair wet with a swift tackle into icy water.


It’s only an adventure if you’re willing to get a little wet.


“Keep families together!! Reunite migrant families immediately! End family detentions! End zero tolerance policy!!!” Trump Protest in small fishing town of Northern Washington.


“No cages for kids”, “Wanted: Lawyers who can change diapers”.

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