July 12, 2018 savannahmota

Summer Looks

Summer is perhaps the easiest season to let yourself go. It’s so damn hot, it feels useless to wear any clothes in the first place, and even when you do, when plans get cancelled and no one sees your fit anyways, trying seems worthless. Even though summer is a time to relax whether you’re in school or not, there’s ways to keep it cute without breaking your zen.

I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but summer heat means summer smells. Whether it’s salt from the ocean or body odor, this season offers up endless opportunities for an offensive whiff of something gross. My go to, besides deodorant, are roll-on perfumes or colognes. Whether you carry a wallet or a purse or neither, roll-ons fit almost anywhere and are worth the space. While a shower is the best cure, it’s not always an option with nonstop summer adventures, so next time you head to the beach or the pool, try bringing roll-on perfume to help you out in the nose department.

Speaking of departments, going to department stores during the hottest season of the year is kind of a hassle. Even the mall is too much sometimes. I find that the easiest way to shop during summer and keep your fits unique are thrift stores or sites like Depop, where you can buy pre-loved clothes cheap and fast. Getting into a rut of wearing the same swimsuit or shorts is bound to happen sometime when summer clothes prices are at their highest and even getting to the store feels like a heat stroke risk, but at thrift stores, you never know what gems you might find without using the money you worked all summer for.

Summer, even though the heat sucks and connecting with friends can be hard, also poses a unique opportunity to experiment with what you wear. Because you can try on ten outfits and not worry about being late for school, I say do it. If there’s a look you’ve been loving, whether it’s goth girl or cowboy, try some outfits that express that. Now is the time more than ever to try something new, as long as long sleeves aren’t involved. But in all seriousness, push the boundaries of your personal style, so when regular life starts back up you know where you stand with how you feel best expressed.

I know that summer is a time to make the best memories, but I can also admit that there’s some parts of it that totally suck. Whether I’m trying a look I’ve always wanted to or just making myself a little more appealing to the senses, one confirmed pro of summer is that you can be whatever you want to, and come back in the fall as an improved version of yourself. Good luck with whatever endeavors you’re participating in this summer, and try not to burn to a crisp in this heat.

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