July 3, 2018 savannahmota

The New QNDP

Trust me when I say going dark for Pride month hurt me too.

As a company filled with LGBTQ+ members, we were all a little sad that we had to wait the entire month of June to return, but we know it was worth it, and we’re so excited to share the new QNDP with you.

In the time we went dark, some things have changed. I’ll try to keep it brief and explain only what’s important.

We’ve expanded from just QNDP ‘Magazine’ to different sections of content that we call facets. Our facets include Activism, Events, Merchandise, Team, and Magazine, of course. These are just new sections of QNDP that organize our site more efficiently and allow us to branch out into more diverse content.

Along with these new facets is a new website, which, if you’re reading this, you might have already got the chance to check out.

Monthly themes are gone from QNDP as well as we work to give our creators more freedom and creative control.

Thanks for sticking with us in this time of transition, and we hope you love the new QNDP just as much as we do.

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