Black & White

Towards the beginning of the school walkout in late April, Grace, my brother Fletcher,and I drove up to Bumble Bee/Crown King (which I must admit sounds like a really cool album name) to take these photos. It was hot and windy but we made due with what we had. We pulled over on the side of a busy freeway which inevitably got us honked at numerous times. Then we unloaded the car that was packed with a ladder, a car reflector, four cameras, and a food bag filled with water, vegan granola bars, and trail mix. Grace and I have worked together before and I must say, she is always a pleasure to work with. When I first started working with Grace I knew she was someone special. She’s not only able to communicate to the viewers through her compelling eyes, but she’s able to talk to the camera as well.  (a trait I’ve only seen in a few models). I shot a roll of Tri-x 400 120 film and Tri-x 400 35mm along with a few digital shots, and then we packed up and left. Grace slept the way home up until we drove past a fire that engulfed a recycling plant in downtown Phoenix. I wanted these photos to have the feeling of a slow tempo dream. The ones where you can feel your still body breathing through the vicious dreamscape your mind swims in. I recommend while viewing these photos to listen to “Seigfried” by Frank Ocean.


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