Snapseed       When it came time to choose a model for magenta I felt that Rosalie would reflect the color well. I met Rosalie through my private instagram or “finsta” before actually meeting her. Rosalie and I both followed each other’s lives in great detail which eventually led me to posting about how I wanted to start a photo series on people shaving their heads. She messaged me about her plan on doing just that, and we set out a date to shave her head and take photos. Ever since then Rosalie has been one of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. These photos were taken at the SkateLand in Chandler which happened to be guarded by an 80 year old man who was hesitant about letting us take photos inside, but we paid our fee to get in already so we persuaded him to let us in. There were 4 operational games, 3 of which were skee-ball machines. Not even the token machine was working. Rosalie is magenta because while shooting her, I felt as if everytime she looked into the lens she gave a part of herself to the camera. There was a sense of harmony, a sense of balance that radiated off of her. I hope you see what I see, in Rosalie.

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