Up-cycling is an easy way to change up your style without buying any new clothes! Everyone gets in the habit of wearing the same things over and over again, and then eventually getting bored. Instead of throwing clothes away and soon wasting more money on clothes that will meet the same fate, UP-CYCLE!

Up-cycling is the art of modifying or “renovating” a certain piece of clothing to make it look cool and different. You can up-cycle in many different ways and it can fit any skill set.
My personal favorite is
I am using my favorite grey sweater as an example. It is super soft and comfortable, but I find myself not wearing it as much because it’s just a little longer than I would like. It’s pretty scary taking a huge sharp-ass pair of fabric scissors to your favorite sweater, but as long as you plan and commit- you will be just fine!!
Top left: Before                            Bottom right: After
As you can see, chopping just 1in off the bottom of the sweater makes a huge difference on how it shapes my body, and overall makes it a lot cuter! A non-permanent way to up-cycle is to make little tiny structure changes! Like rolling sleeves, tucking things in, and wearing jackets/tops off the shoulder. This works in every outfit and can really add a little change to an outfit that you might be frustrated with!
This next example takes a little more planning and is of medium skill level:
These pants were painted with rainbow stripes and it made these old goodwill jeans into something fun and interesting.
(These were originally made for a “Rainbow Road” mario-themed costume- but hey! they are still super cool)
Now, you definitely do not need to add rainbows to all the pants you own, but if you want to, you totally can!
If rainbow pockets aren’t for you, consider adding paint splatters, patterns around the ankle, or any designs throughout the pants!! If you are an artist or if you like to draw, don’t limit yourself to just paper. You can use your artistic ability to transform your clothing items and everyone will be asking how they can do it to theirs!
FullSizeRender 3
{Sunflower I painted on Everett’s denim jacket}
The final example is probably the hardest one to execute:
These pants were covered with brown carpenter style fabric to make them industrial and cool. Playing with patterns and exploring the way different shapes can make your body look and feel is the best part about up-cycling. There are no rules and infinite possibilities to where your path with clothing could take you.
Use up-cycling as a way to expand and grow your style, without tearing apart your wallet. It’s such a fun experience and with a group of friends you’d be surprised what some of you will come up with!
Keep creating and tag us in any pieces you’ve up-cycled!
Keep the change.



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