-Full Interview Above-

From music, to movies, to style, to energy, The Ricky Fitts have it all.

QNDP had the chance to sit down with Matt, Alec, and Fletcher, 3 of the 4 members of The Ricky Fitts. Unfortunately, Elliot, their lead singer, couldn’t make it, but he was with us in spirit. After sitting and casually talking with the group while the cameras were being set up, I could immediately sense how much they care for one another and the shared appreciation they have for music. On and off camera they are consistently bouncing ideas off of each other, and they’re genuinely excited to share what they have made together. They explained that they want their music to make their audience feel happy and put them in a state of positive reflection. They wanted to make something that can be comforting, but has a deeper meaning to initiate thought. They take inspiration from bands that have that same effect on them, and they rely on the art of their music to develop those emotions. And it works. It is inspiring for all young creatives to see the growth the band has accomplished, and to understand the path The Ricky Fitts are taking to reach success. They have faced many roadblocks, bumps, and walls, but their main advice is to push through it and keep your goals in mind. For them, it has always been about the music and this helped them stay grounded. In the past, some of the members only played at church services, and dreamt of ultimately playing live at a music festival one day. Currently, The Ricky Fitts have played at Lost Lake and Pot of Gold: some of the biggest music festivals in Arizona. Reaching this goal was huge for the band and they are very excited to see where their music will take them. A new album is currently in the works and they are very excited to show it to the world. You can keep up with them through all platforms: Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, AppleMusic, BandsinTown,etc. @therickyfitts You name it, they’re there.

This band is a group that all creatives can look up to, as their music is something everyone can find meaning in.

-To learn more about this amazing group of people you can watch the full interview above and get a taste of what their music can do.-

Support your local bands. Support live music. Support The Ricky Fitts.


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