Growing Pains

Growth, as shown throughout QNDP’s last few articles, is a beautiful thing. It is powerful and meaningful and inevitable. Unfortunately, however, growth comes with growing pains, and often, these pains leave scars.

Jon’s scar, emotional

Scars get a bad reputation, even though there is beauty and meaning in all of them. Scars show how we’ve grown and who we are. From the one on your eyebrow you got from playing with your brother to the ones on your knees you got from riding your bike, they each have a story. Some stories remind us of our childhood and bring back happy memories. Others remind us of darker times in our lives, and make us feel proud of how far we’ve come. There’s ones that make us think of times of danger, and remind us to drive a little slower. Still others make us grateful to our doctors, and thankful for every day.

Faith’s scar, chest, surgery

Scars, even as a concept, exhibit strength. They’re formed when skin is damaged and reforms into something much stronger. Emotional scars are when we experience trauma, but come out of it with more strength than before. It takes time to heal, but it’s worth the wait.

Savannah’s scar, left ankle, surgery

To anyone with scars, don’t let them embarrass you. You don’t have to hide them, or cover them up, or try to forget that they’re there. Growing comes with struggle, and scars are a beautiful example of that. There is power in showing off our scars, whether that means wearing certain clothes or speaking on sensitive subjects. Embrace your growth, and all the ups and downs that come with it.

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