April: Growth

Happy April Fools Day!

QNDP hopes we didn’t fool you too bad!

In our “reveal” video, which I hope you’ve seen by now, we wanted to showcase how much we’ve grown. From one of our first shoots before we launched, to the many memories in between, and the promise to continue.

Running a magazine, as we’ve discovered over the last few months, is a lot of work. It takes teamwork and communication and dedication and constant creativity, of which QNDP prides ourselves on. QNDP members always say, as corny as it may be, “Well if that doesn’t work, we keep the change, and do this instead!” This is how we grow. When obstacles come our way, which is often, we alter how we think about the problem to find solutions.

Growth, anywhere, is constant. Change is the only thing that stays the same. Just like the flowers of April, each one of us, especially during our youth, are constantly blooming and growing and becoming better versions of ourselves.

QNDP hopes you have a beautiful April filled with growth, and that you come to us to hear more about it.

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