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Cedric and Donovan. A local pair of creative visionaries that aim to make content that is accessible to all. They found similar interests in art and design which eventually led to the idea of starting their own brand. After a lame summer break, and too much time on their hands, BummersPHX was created. Since then, they have been experimenting and putting their best effort into every piece they design and sell. The team wants their projects to be something everyone can be apart of, and both admit that they have never individually “made money” through selling the clothes. Instead, they use the proceeds to fund other brand-specific ideas. The pair told QNDP that for a future release, all proceeds would go to the National Park Service, with the goal of helping the environment by distributing their art. They are not in this for the money, they simply admire all aspects of art. The duo is proud of the outlet they have created, and their accomplishments and plans are extremely respectable, especially in this century. Arizona based, American-made, internationally accessible, inclusive to all. Their sizes run from Small to XXXLarge, and prices are kept very affordable. They hope to keep expanding, but want to keep their business grounded and true to themselves. BummersPHX is a powerful team with pure and honest goals, and it’s cool to see Arizona (Chandler) locals doing their own thing and making art.

Support your creatives.

The link to their website is:


Check them out!!


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