Generation Z: The 21st Century Flapper

Picture the modern young person today. Pastel colored clothes, weird shirts, the lot of today’s fashion trends of the youth. Now imagine a woman out on the town in the 1920’s. Maybe they’re wearing a sequin covered glittery dress that matches her headwear. Though it may be difficult to picture them as similar beings, the young person (known as a part of Generation Z) and that woman (known as a flapper) are quite so different as one may presume.


Generation Z is the generation of people born in between the years of 1995 and 2015, succeeding the generation known as Millennials. These individuals are the children/teens/newly adult citizens of the world, and have made huge strides in influencing fashion in the years of their life so far.


Rewind one hundred or so years, and we are smack-dab in the middle of a feminine cultural revolution. Flappers. The Charleston-dancing, bob-hairstyling, and socially powerful group of women that completely changed style of the 20th century. Flappers have been credited with ending the victorian era type sense of fashion that was commonplace in America and beginning the age of straight waisted dresses and wide brimmed hats.


What makes folks from generation z and flappers so similar is their recurring tendencies to take fashion and style of the modern age and take it in a completely new direction. Think (or maybe don’t) about the dab, and how a simple dance move completely took over dancing at parties and concerts. Now, it hurts me too to compare something as ridiculous as the dab to an impactful dance as the charleston; however in relation to their impact on their generation, they are almost synonymous. Don’t like the dab analogy? Replace it with your favorite dance of today. Flossing for example. There. Next comparison.


Makeup was changed forever thanks to Generation Z. I mean to an extent now that being a “makeup artist” is a career. They created the trend of contouring and highlighting your face to really make you ~glow~. Threading your eyebrows, getting lush voluminous lashes, and glossing your lips up are all thanks to Generation Z. Who could have done something equally as impactful? You guessed it. Flappers. Before the 20’s, makeup was hard to apply, and was used sparingly. But because of new products such as the lipstick tube, the popular nail polish, and blush, ladies could get their makeup on quickly and easily.


Generation Z and flappers also contributed to a large social upbringing in America. In the 1920’s women started to become more independent from the men in their lives and lived to have fun with little regard to what “their husband would think”. The same goes for Generation Z. As a whole, they are beginning to become aware that they are the future and that they hold the power, and that it doesn’t matter what an older person thinks, what matters is what makes you happy and what you can do to change the world.


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