March: Insurgence



2020 still sounds highly futuristic despite the fact that it is quickly approaching. Changes in society are coming at a similar rate, from gun law reform to rights for minorities, to the gender spectrum coming to light and young people finding their voices. All in all, 2020 is proving itself to be a year of rebellion, a time where people who have been marginalized or oppressed for all of living memory or beyond, to finally take the step into insurgence and stand up against their oppressors and society. The women’s march and the school walkouts are just two examples of how people have refused to accept the place that society has deemed appropriate for them, and through pain and challenges, have risen to foment real change.

Why is this important? Why is 2020 the year that QNDP is focusing on, besides that it has a nice ring to it?

QNDP wants to look at 2020 is a historical context. 1920 was a year of radical societal changes as well. The nations wealth more than doubled. With names like “The Roaring Twenties,” and “The Jazz Age,” we see that this time in history was intense, filled with music, and different from the stagnant America before it. Alcohol faced opposition during prohibition just as weed faces opposition in the wake of legalizations across the country. Women fought hard for the right to vote just as women are battling for their rights today.  New media like movies and radio mirrorred the changes in social media today.

All in all, changes in the 1920’s were just as revolutionary as we hope to see in 2020. QNDP is looking forward to exploring the future alongside the past throughout March.

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