Where to go on a Date

I am the king of first dates yet I am never able to get a second. I also would just like to clarify that these date locations are solid and are not the reason I can’t get a second date. I just really suck at communication. Now that I’ve shared an uncomfortable amount about my love life lets talk about 3 pretty dope places to go on a date (I’ll try and not make this a yelp review).

None of these places are expensive which only helps you and your bank account.

The Classic Picnic- Any Grass Field

Trust me when I tell you, although this may be the most cliché date you will ever go on, your date is going to love it. And even if this the cheesiest thing you ever do, there is nothing like it. Not even watching a netflix series together or trying to make cookies on a rainy day. The intimacy of you and your partner, sitting alone in a field while eating and drinking, talking about the future, about your interests, about each other’s lives is nothing less than spectacular. There was a time where I had a blanket in the back of my car, not necessarily a picnic blanket, but a blanket nonetheless. I stopped for gas, got 2 drinks, a tube of pringles and sat underneath a tree’s shade for an hour with a girl I liked at the time. The weather was perfect, a small breeze would come along every now and then and peacefully cool the air. A couple exposures of film were taken, laughs were exchanged and when the sun finally started to set, we packed our things and left. The feeling that a picnic creates really is something special. You don’t have to make a gourmet sandwich and buy the most expensive drinks to make this a fun date, and that’s one of the nicest things about it. It isn’t about what you have or how much you have, it’s about the company you’re with. Just make sure that you are able to enjoy this date, really hold on to the moment, and try to never forget it.

Items needed: Food, blanket and maybe a camera.

2.)The Classic Coffee Date- Peixoto Coffee House

Alright, I had to write about this place because this is some of the best coffee you will come by in Chandler/Gilbert (Yes, it’s better than Black Rock and Dutch Bros). It’s best for a first date, maybe the second (Wish I knew what that was). The atmosphere is one that looks you in the eye and says “every worship leader and hipster has been here” and although that may be a little off putting, it still has the feeling of home. You should be aware that they don’t serve rockstars and frappuccinos, it’s your everyday coffee enthusiast’s dream. This really is an outstanding coffee house, nice baristas, a soothing color scheme and an amazing chai tea. To me, Peixoto gives room for both conversation and those silent moments when you both are still getting to know each other and not sure what to talk about next. This place really is for the people who are just trying to get to know each other, so I wouldn’t bet on this place being your go to, just know that it’s there for safe keeping.

Items needed: $0-15 (depends on who’s paying)

3.) The Ice Cream Date- The Sugar Bowl

This may be a drive for some, but The Sugar Bowl truly is a magical place to go on a date. The place is centered around a 50’s style diner/ ice cream parlor with big pink booths that surprisingly make it easy to get comfortable with your date. It’s best to hit this place up after dinner somewhere in Old Town Scottsdale, later at night. Not only does it just serve some amazing ice cream but it also has an arcade in the back which of course, if you’re looking for someone to school you in pinball, it’s the perfect place to test their skills. The Sugar Bowl is for one of those dates that you go on to celebrate an anniversary, unless you’re really into extravagant first dates where you spend 30 minutes in the car talking and listening to music until finally getting there. My best tip is to just relax and have fun when you’re there and don’t get too worked up about that it’s a little more pricey than these other locations. Much like the picnic date, it really is the person that you’re with that makes a difference.

Items needed: $10-20

Article Written by: Everett Milloy

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