JAWMBLEY. Shaman, 17. Graham, 17. Lazy Summer Pop.

This Phoenix duo is finding their way through their own experimentation in music.

“Somewhere in between indie and indie-pop”, this group has a unique vibe and has created its own little world. After meeting their sophomore year of highschool at the Phoenix School for the Arts, they immediately found similarities within each other. Bonding over music, they spent all of summer discovering, creating and recording their new sound. Shaman is lead-guitarist and vocalist, Graham handles bass guitar and elements of production, but they both share a lot of their roles. Sleep deprived and full of inspiration, Shaman and Graham made content that they could have fun with. They agreed that having fun and messing around while making their music was one of the best parts of starting their band.

Jawmbley originally was nothing but a name the duo could use to put their creations under. But after developing some music, they realized that it was something they both really enjoyed and wanted to fully commit to. Jawmbley now has more meaning than ever, for it is a direct representation of who the band is and what it can become. They created something of their own and are ready to share it.

Music holds deep physical and emotional importance for both Shaman and Graham. Through music they want to incorporate different forms of art and expand into something “more than just the music”. Shaman explains that all forms of art can appeal to people in different ways and influence different emotions. So through Jawmbley, they want to incorporate many different aspects of art and relate to a broad audience.

Local Phoenix bands like Diners and AJJ are major sources of inspiration and they have influenced Jawmbley in many ways. From playing live, to expanding their brand, local bands have continued to be major resources for these teens.

The music industry is difficult and sometimes stressful, but Jawmbley is choosing to stay neutral and focus on the music and what it stands for. After being asked about possibilities with record labels, Graham explained that it’s better to stay independent “while you’re really passionate about it, so you can have your ideas, influencing your ideas only”. Shaman responds by stating, “I feel that we are the most free and creative when it’s just us and we don’t have any people forcing us to write a certain way”. The comfort that they have within each other can be clearly represented in their music and they do not want to lose that.

As of right now Jawmbley’s main platform is Soundcloud but they are planning to expand to “all the platforms”. This will include Spotify, iTunes and many more live shows. You can find all their information about what’s coming up next on their instagrams!:




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