Getting Over Arguments

Getting over arguments can prove to be somewhat of an art. Knowing what to say and saying what you mean is hard, even for the tightest of bonds. While every argument and every relationship is different, some techniques have risen from the pits of even the worst and nastiest arguments that are bound to mend the hurt that may have been caused.


Think about it from the other point of view. This one’s easy to dismiss and use improperly, and many times this technique is used to convince oneself that he/she/they is the correct one. Slow down for this one, and really think about what the other party might be feeling. Admit to yourself what you may have done wrong and acknowledge what your partner may have done wrong as well. Consider what they’ve said with a serious mindset, and try to understand that sometimes when people are hurt, they act differently. Thinking about an argument from the other side often yields apologies you didn’t think you’d give and kind words you didn’t know you had.


Continue communicating when the time is right. This one can be tricky because there’s times when walking away and coming back is the best idea, and there other situations where holding your ground and saying what you need to resolves an argument. Whichever way occurs, coming back together at the end to discuss your feelings and concerns resolves an argument fully. If walking away is not the best option, slow down. Think about your words before you release them, and say what you mean with honesty, and as much kindness as you can muster. If you choose to walk away, do not give up. The worst way an argument can end is not ending at all. Taking a break to gather your thoughts and think about your feelings is perfect, just make sure walking away doesn’t become a way to incite the silent treatment and cut off communication.


Arguments will happen. Here’s to hoping they’re brief, rare, and insignificant, and that your relationship is filled with love and health.

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