Self Care

In the busy world that comes with being in high school, it’s important to remember to take time for yourself. If you don’t take moments to relax and enjoy your own company, it can be difficult to find balance. Self care doesn’t have to be bath bombs and meditation, it can be as simple as getting up early and making yourself breakfast. If you do anything with the intent to care for your own wellbeing, it’s valid self care.

Self-awareness is not so much a characteristic as a skill. It is something you have to work towards and develop over the course of time as you change as a person. The only way to truly get to know yourself, is to spend time with yourself, and knowing yourself is crucial when it comes to making decisions. When the future inevitable comes, knowing your goals and morals makes life just a bit easier.

In spending time with ourselves, we learn what motivates us. In finding self awareness, people often realize that their motivations or priorities are off. Life shouldn’t revolve around the people around you or the environment you live in.

The truest thing you have is yourself and by protecting that you’ll reap many benefits. Living a fulfilling life comes with living an honest life. Honest to others, yes, but also honest with yourself.

Self-care is at times wrongfully perceived as selfish and impractical, but it is truthfully one of the healthiest things someone can do. The strength we find when we take care of ourselves is long lasting and real. Taking a break from reality and getting lost in your own thoughts can help you in a multitude of ways and it’s surprisingly fulfilling to indulge in these moments.

Your mood typically is affected by others around you, so when you are by yourself, you have a clean slate, an entire world you can build for yourself opens up. There is something so liberating about being completely independent and getting to think and feel whatever is right to you in the moment. You hold all the power in your life and the means to shape it anyway you’d like. By indulging in self care, whatever that may look like for you, be it going for a run or organizing or taking a shower, you find power and happiness you may not have known existed before.

Written with Rylee Hanson

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