February: La Vie en Rose

February is, for some of us, a month of excitement surrounding the celebration of our relationships. For others, it’s a reminder that self love is deserving of celebration as well. Either way, February is infamous for its emphasis on topics such as relationships, friendships, sex, love, and the list goes on.

During this month, QNDP will focus on love in our generation. What love means, how we treat it, how to keep it healthy, and how to separate romantic and platonic relationships are just a few issues that QNDP aims to tackle in February.

Whether it be read on social media or overheard in a conversation between friends, an all too common sentiment is that “this generation is the worst at love.” But upon digging deeper into why this idea is so ingrained in our generation, that none of us know how to love, it becomes obvious that it is wholly untrue and unfair. As the first generation with this level of technology, especially the development of social media, we’ve had to figure out on our own what it means to live in a Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat loving world. No parent, or aunt, or grandmother had the knowledge or experience to dictate how we should behave on social media. Besides the usual “don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see!”, our generation has figured it out on our own, that is, how to love in the here and now.

As people, we are generally resistant to change. Unfortunately for us, some of the biggest lifestyle changes occurred for our generation to experience. Our being the “worst lovers of any generation” comes from that resistance. In every old movie and every old book, and even current media, social media is not shown as a part of love. Hollywood and literature are slowly catching up, but social media’s effect on love is still constantly depicted without the undeniable effects that it has on real people. Because no one sees love like it really is, it has been determined that our generation is the absolute worst, just because it is different.

Not to be confused with making excuses, reasonably deducting that our young society lives differently is simply a fact. Constant access to anything and anyone is something that no one knew how to deal with before us. Not to mention, can anyone really make the claim that in older generations, no one ever fucked anyone over? Absolutely not. People in the 80’s had sex, people in the 60’s cheated, people in the 70’s lied. Just because they didn’t have a medium like Twitter to talk about doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

In February, QNDP hopes that you’ll look at love in our generation a little differently. As we adjust to new advances, all we can do is our best. Our generation is filled with so much acceptance and tolerance, and that deserves celebration. QNDP wishes that everyone can feel safe to love who they want to, and to love how they want to, in our time of love. Here’s to ‘life in pink’ all month long.

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