Old School Parties

Although January has been filled with tips and tricks about the modern teen party, lets take a look at its predecessor: the old school bash.

Dancing. Was. Everything. Far away from today’s sweaty grinding, breakdancing was the hallmark of the old school party. They’d lay out a piece of cardboard from broken down boxes and get to work. Competitions were often held, and first place got a huge trophy and endless bragging rights. Even the ugliest trophies were celebrated, because the pride was what mattered.

The DJ was the “hook” of the party. His beats would decide the tempo of the dancing and the mood of the party. DJ’s would often list their songs on the party flyer and sell cassette tapes at the party. The name of the DJ was very possibly the most important part of the whole party. With names like Grandmaster Flex and Jellybean Benitez, DJ’s clout came in part from their names.

Alcohol. Even way back in the day, parties were centered around it. But they may have been smarter, because alcohol made a whole lot of money for old school party hosts. Like $50 cost and $1000 revenue type money. Often, hosts would buy big bottles like a Colt 45 and then sell drinks, a cupful, for $10 each. With eager boyfriends just waiting to show off, these sold easier than you might think. Within 5 drinks, they were in the green, and alcohol made up the cost of anything else they had to spend on.

In the old school party, no one wanted to get busted, and because texting and calling worked a little different, they’d set lookouts. Often the fastest ones at the party, the lookouts would stand on the street corner, and when they saw 12, they’d sprint back to the party to alert everyone. The music would be turned down, and not unlike today, you’d hear calls of “shut up!” and warnings of “ssshhh”. Once the threat passed, the party was back on.

If we can learn anything from the parties of the past, it’s that they really weren’t that different than those of today. A party is a party, and there will always be more, so dance until you drop and have as much fun as you can. If you embarrass yourself, just remember, at least you’re not breakdancing!

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