Launch Party

It finally happened: after what seemed like years of planning and a million meetings, the official launch party of QNDP has come and gone, with much success. The launch gathered the exclusive fifty guests and the 25 QNDP members and models in the revamped Floridino’s to eat, drink, and witness a unique, to say the least, runway show.

Besides the main event, the polaroid station was a huge hit. With over 70 polaroids taken, everyone got the chance to pose with their friends and take an instantly printed photo. QNDP writer Miranda Rothchild loyally manned the station, alongside selling programs which featured QNDP’s debut content. Snapchat geofilters sponsored by QNDP and Instagram live brought the event to the social world, as guests snapped cute photos with the filters, and friends who couldn’t make it tuned in to Insta. Back at the party, the offer of Redbulls was quickly taken, as cupfulls were downed by the minute. Floridino’s graciously catered food accompanied as guests awaited the show.

When the show finally came, it was so much damn fun! Above all, the models were themselves, and in each of their fits, they proved that it’s all about how you rock it. Here they are, in all their glory. Check out the full video here, and subscribe to QNDP’s channel!



Edric: With the ultimate edgy factor, the first model goes low in red.
Franzi: With enviable shoe game, red number two smiles big.
Ili: Absolutely rocking her favorite color orange, a dramatic hair flip graces the runway.
Michelove: Can anyone say Black Girl Magic? She slays it here.
Libby: Yellow strikes the cutest pose in the cutest pigtails.
Madds: Rocking Novice, she murdered the runway with this fit.
Devin: What’s a Flowerboy inspired show without some checkers? He flexes in his green.
Ayla: The hair. The look. The color. No one could’ve done it better.
Jacob: It’s easy to see he knows his angles from this hot shot.
Anna: Another Novice fit with a totally different twist, she rocks blue.
Eve: This look sums up her walk, which was just as fun as she is.
Aidan: Purple suits his look, demonstrated by not only his edgy fit, but also his great walk.
Anna: Purple has met its best friend here, with a gorgeous walk and a super fun fit.
Jen: Pink has never looked better, with a killer look and lovely hair flip.
Amanda: Finale of glittery pink magic, she kills the last solo walk.
All: In a heartfelt moment as the models stand united, they hand their flowers out to overjoyed front seat viewers.

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