Turn Up the Volume

Music: The key to a party’s greatness. Each type of party requires a different type of music but; if you play Yiken at a kickback, you might get some strange looks. QNDP has created some party playlists that fit the vibe.

First is a Girls Night Out. One of the most precious traditions girls continue, getting together and talking about everything from secrets to sex, a good playlist is key. There’s bound to be some dancing and belting songs and overall having a good time, so throwbacks are a must. Songs everyone knows and loves, from iconic girl artists like Beyoncé, Ciara, Shakira, Rihanna, and Britney Spears, are bound to harbor a great result. Our playlist features powerhouses like these, so hop on, hit shuffle, and have a blast with your best bitches.

Now, about that kickback where you can’t play Yiken, this playlist definitely depends on the vibe. Kickbacks can range far and wide in their playlist ideals, but we’ve put one together that’s great for the vision of a true kickback: talking and laughing with friends with the occasional solo of the super-hard-to-sing-part.With artists that range from hip-hop to indie to pop (the good kind), this playlist is sure to start the party off right. People should be focused on their friends, and not worried about calls of “Who’s on Aux?”.


The final party playlist we’ve created is for the god of all parties: the rager. With friends throwin’ it back, or takin’ it all in, or a mix of both, there needs to be music that will keep the asses shaking and the party flowing. Never forget, give dancers some breaks. Straight booty bouncing songs one after another will leave people tired and sweaty. Our playlist has a mix of songs that are sure to be perfect for dancing as well as singing along to as a big happy rager family.



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